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Elk Mountain Wyoming Fire Department

Fire Chief: Bill Sherwood  Phone: 307-348-7367
Fax:   307-348-7120
Address: 1549 State Hwy 72
         P.O. Box 58
         Elk Mountain, WY 82324
Email:   elkmtnfd@union-tel.com
Local Training

     2014 EMFD (PDF)

Elk Mountain 2014a
Elk Mountain FD 2014
Brent Kelly, Ryan Lewis, Greg Hopper, Regina Schulmeister
Bill Sherwood, Mark Wagner, Brian O'Connor, Bob Meyer
Not Present: Eli Hobbs, Owen Williams and Zach Cary

Elk Mountain 2014b

Elk Mountain 2014a

Hydrocarbon 2013
Hydrocarbon School 2013
Chief Sherwood (white helmet near center)
Captain Lewis (black bunkers back right)

Wheatland 2013 Hillbilly Challenge
Hillbilly 2013
Wheatland 2013 Hillbilly Challenge Winners
3rd Place, Zach Cary, Elk Mountain FD
1st Place, Ryan Lewis, Elk Mountain FD
2nd Place, Chris Reed, Little Laramie Valley VFD

Hillbilly 2013
Elk Mountain Hillbilly Challenge Crew
Zach Cary, 3rd Place
Bob Meyer, 12th Place (oldest of 17 entrants)
Ryan Lewis, 1st Place

Elk Mountain FD

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